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24 Hour Data offers professional data recovery to the Space City and is one of the few Texas owned and managed recovery providers in the state. Since 2006, we have served Houston businesses, universities and individuals faced with lost data.

In 2015, we added an office in downtown Houston, through our partner Flip DS. No matter your data emergency, whether it involves spilled coffee on a computer, a corrupted database or a dropped external hard drive, 24 Hour Data maintains the highest hard disk recovery rate in the industry and the fastest turnaround time for most data recovery cases.

Houston Office
24 Hour Data
2303 Smith St, STE 200,
Houston, Texas 77006
(832) 554-9898

Here’s How it Works:

Drop off your hard disk drive or other storage media to our Houston facility located at the address above. A service technician will then evaluate your device within 24 - 48 hours and provide a free, honest estimate.

You can also ship your drive directly to our clean room facility, we offer this service to avoid the hassle of downtown Houston traffic. Follow this process or give us a call to learn more on shipping your drive.

If the quote is out of your price range, we will ship the drive back to your residence or work at no cost to you! That's how confident we are in our prices.

With your go-ahead, we will start the data recovery process and, in most cases, return your data within 48 hours or less. Some difficult cases may take more time, but we will work on recovering your important data for as long as it takes. If we come up empty and can’t retrieve your information, there’s no charge for the service. There’s nothing to lose. That’s our “No data, No charge,” policy.

5 Recent Data Loss Scenarios

1. We successfully recovered a Hitachi 500GB Laptop Hard Drive for an IT Support Company. The hard drive failed due to sector damage in the firmware. This project was completed within 24 Hours.

2. In early 2016, our team recovered a Drobo 5D Nas RAID 5 Array. This unit had 5 Western Digital 2TB Hard Drives in the array. The Drobo NAS had a firmware issue that was repaired and all data was recovered.

3. In March, we recovered a 256GB OCZ SSD. The solid state drive had a controller failure. The recovery was 100% and completed within 48 hours.

4. We recovered all the data for a national printing company with a failed 1TB Samsung Hard Drive. The drive had broken read-write heads that required our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom.

5. In the last month, a customer brought in an iPhone 6S that locked up during an update. The iPhone was not only recovered, but we managed to repair the phone in the recovery process.

Safe, Clean & Secure Data Recovery

Hard drives and other storage media are recovered in an SAS 70 Type II data center, which represents the highest corporate standards for security in an overall control structure.

Physical hard drive recoveries, which require our data recovery technicians to open a hard drive case, are completed in a certified, ISO-5, Class 10 clean room environment to ensure the integrity of hard drive components in a dust/contaminant-free environment.

RAID Recovery

RAID data recovery is a difficult, highly specialized process which requires highly qualified computer engineers. Count on 24 Hour Data to retrieve your mission critical data for all RAID levels: 1, 2 and 5. Learn more about our RAID services.

Macintosh & iOS Data Recovery

24 Hour Data offers some of the most comprehensive data recovery for Apple devices in Houston, TX. More businesses and individuals today rely on the data stored on their iPhone, iPad and iMac to work, play and live. iMac and Macbook failures, while rare, can be stressful, expensive and, for small business owners and other organizations, sometimes catastrophic.

Whether you are facing a loss of music, movies, photos or critical data for your job on your Apple device, our team is Apple Certified and can get your data back!

Why Call 24 Hour Data in Houston?

  • 24 Hour Data offers exclusive discounts to students, faculty and staff at Houston universities and independent school districts. We support educators and the educated with a 10% off discount.
  • Exclusive discounts to families recovering from signifigant natural disasters including fire and water damage.
  • We are open 24/7 at our Houston location, offering the expert guidance of a trained data recovery specialist at any time, day or night.
  • 24 Hour Data has the fastest response and recovery times for any Houston data recovery service, providing a free quote within 24 hours and full data recovery within 48 hours in most cases
  • In a data recovery emergency, our specialists can provide 24-hour turnaround in many cases to Houston business owners.