Data Recovery for the Alamo City

It's a frustrating experience when a hard disc drive, smartphone or other storage media fails, crashes and refuses to boot up. An even worse feeling is the unknown of what to do next.

At 24 Hour Data, we are family owned and one of the few data recovery firms with headquarters in Texas. We've helped many residents and businesses in the Alamo City retrieve lost data.

Since Texas native, Sean Wade founded 24 Hour Data in 2006, we’ve recovered thousands of hard drives, external drives, RAIDs, SSDs, Macbooks, iPhones, PC's and more. Many data recovery companies ship your drive out of state. We think San Antonio residents will be happiest knowing their data is safe and sound, being recovered in the heart of Texas.

San Antonio Office
24 Hour Data
San Antonio, Texas 
(210) 570-5585

Our Process After Hard Drive Failure

If your hard drive failed, or you aren't sure, give our team a call 24/7. You'll speak directly to a data recovery engineer with over a decade of experience. We offer a free diagnostic and will determine what caused your drive to fail without any exchange of payment. Our engineer will also reveal what percentage of data can be recovered, the cost and estimated time to complete.

If you choose to have our team repair and recover your data, we'll make it easy to ship to our secure facility and Class 10 Clean Room.

Once we receive your drive, we get to work recovering your data. Within 24 to 48 hours, we will return your data on a new hard drive, up to 250 GB, included in the cost of your recovery!

Know That it Can Be Recovered

3 Recent Data Recovery Stories

Let’s look at some recent case studies from real customers in San Antonio, to better understand the scenarios that cause data loss and the success of using a professional data recovery company.

1. This past summer, a chef with a food truck called about her crashed Macbook Pro. The recipes, receipts, client list and tax records kept on the hdd were crucial to her one-woman operation. When an unfortunate incident involving a deep fryer destroyed her computer, she was devastated – and, like many people with erratic backup routines, furious at herself. We paid for shipping of her laptop our clean room lab, where we were able to resurrect all of her data – including three versions of her mother's tamale recipe.

2. A private accounting firm in Alamo Heights was mortified when a server database went down following a massive power surge. He told us that one of the reasons he chose 24 Hour Data was from our positive reputation online,  but he was even more impressed by our security system. We’re located in a SAS 70 Type II compliant facility, and use biometric entry to safeguard building access. This story has a happy ending: we recovered a majority of the critical files and transferred it to a new hard drive, in time for tax season!

3. You don’t have to be a business owner to need help from 24 Hour Data. A retired couple just had a family reunion at Six Flags. After the event, they transferred the photos to the computer and deleted them from the camera. Then the unthinkable happened, their computer hard drive crashed. To say they were upset is an understatement. They called us every six hours for an update, and were soothed by our professional 24-hour support. Once we recovered their data, they framed a picture of a whole roller coaster full of relatives on the Iron Rattler. They even sent us a copy to say thank you!

We hope you never need our services. But if you do, don’t you want to be one of our success stories? Let us help you with your failed hard drive, right here in Texas.