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Kindness Recovery

At 24 Hour Data, we work with all kinds of clients, from individuals to small business owners, IT professionals and corporations large and small. We love the thrill that comes from saving the data of a Fortune 500 company like Metro PCS Corporate headquarters. (And we thank them for letting us publish their name, since we always keep our client's identities as confidential as their data.)

 But we also like knowing we've made a difference in people's (and animal's!) lives. That's exactly what happened when we were able to successfully recover all the data from the Raid 5 server at Kindness Animal Hospital.

 We Keep Your Information Confidential

 An animal hospital is an important place that stores important, confidential data: Medical histories of all their four-legged patients, billing information... many people today even carry pet health insurance, leading to even more virtual paperwork.

 The loss of this valuable data could have temporarily crippled Kindness Animal Hospital, making it impossible for them to provide the level of pet care and service their customers have come to expect and trust in.

 Pet health records are treated with the same confidentiality as medical information for human beings. It's for clients like Kindness Animal Hospital that we perform ALL our data recovery in a 100% secure facility, on an isolated network with high-end firewalls.

 Raid 5 Data Recovery Specialists

 More and more companies in every industry are relying on Raid servers to store important data. Raid data recovery requires specialized knowledge and extensive expertise. At 24 Hour Data, we have a proven track record for data recovery from all levels of Raid servers.

When your business is on the line, trust 24 Hour Data to deliver.



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