3 Ways to Protect Your USB Flash Drive

Flash Drive Recovery

The solid state technology inside USB flash drives is more durable and less prone to fail after repeated read/write cycles. After all, there are no mechanical parts inside, like the heads on an HDD, to wear out with time. But because of their size and format, USB drives are also more prone catastrophic failure and data loss caused by a number of other factors.

 Here are 3 ways to protect your USB flash drive and avoid the need for USB flash drive data recovery services:

 1. Keep your flash drive unplugged when not in use. When plugged into your computer, your flash drive is subject to additional (unnecessary) read/write cycles. These cycles eventually wear out the SSD memory chip inside -- although not as quickly as with a conventional HDD. 

2. Don't run applications off the drive, for the same reason.

 3. In spite of its small size and relatively low price, treat your USB flash drive as you would any other piece of sensitive electronic equipment. Don't store it in your car on a hot day, keep it out of direct sunlight, and don't store it next to power strips, your computer monitor, TV, or cell phone, all sources of electromagnetic radiation that can damage the memory chip inside after time.

 Too Late for Your USB Flash Drive?

If you've been doing any of these things to your USB flash drive and now find it's unable to access your important data, there's still hope. 24 Hour Data's recovery experts are standing by 24/7, every day, to help you start the data recovery process.

How Much Is Your Data Worth?
When you're considering USB flash drive recovery, think about the value of the data on the drive, and not the price of the drive itself. With this in mind, we think you'll find 24 Hour Data's free price quotes extremely reasonable. And with our data guarantee, you have the peace of mind of knowing that if we can't get your data back (99% of the time, we can) you don't pay a dime.


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