Benefits of a Nationwide Data Recovery Service with Regional Offices

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While our home office and corporate headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, many people don't know that 24 Hour Data has data recovery facilities across the U.S., from New York to Los Angeles. 


24 Hour Data provides ourwith many different ways to reach us, either to begin the data recovery process or to receive a status update on your data recovery service. You can: 


- Phone

- Start the data recovery process online

- Email us at [email protected]

- Drop by the data recovery facility nearest you 


Having a data recovery facility close to your home or office, at least within a few hours travel time, offers a few benefits over services without regional offices. 


- If you mail your hard disk drive, RAID drive, Mac device or other storage media, we will receive it faster, often overnight


- Since storage media has a shorter distance to travel there is less chance of delays


- In cities like New York, you have the option of using a courier service to expedite delivery and return of your hard disk drive


- You can drop off your storage media yourself for even faster, more secure, service, which can be especially important with mission critical, highly confidential corporate data 


- When you use 24 Hour Data in any of these regions, you are supporting a local business, and local work forces, in your area


24 Hour Data has chosen our facilities and offices with care, to place us in major metropolitan areas, close to many of our clients' homes and businesses. You have the peace of mind of knowing where your hard disk or other storage device is located, and knowing that our data recovery specialists are working round-the-clock to recover your lost data and return it to you quickly and securely. 


We have data recovery offices available in the following areas, but help customers with data recovery emergencies across the U.S.: 


- Austin

- Dallas

- Houston

- Oklahoma City

- Atlanta,

- Los Angeles

- New York

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