Blazing Fast USB Increases Reliance on Portable Devices

USB Recovery

DisplayLink recently introduced its SuperSpeed USB 3.0 chip, operating at speeds 10 times faster than USB 2.0. It transfers data at a rate of 4.8 gigabits per second, meaning you can stream 1080p HD video feeds to big screen HDTVs from your iPod, iPad or iPhone with super-smooth results. You can even stream to multiple displays at the same time; the chips adjust compression settings dynamically to manage the load.

 Apple Devices More Important Than Ever

 As technology advances, people are using their Apple devices like iPods, iPads and iPhones for more and more. With the ability to download movies to iTunes and watch them on your big screen TV in even higher quality, the data you store on your Apple device just got even more precious.

 It goes without saying that you should be backing up your data regularly to an external hard drive, home server, or USB storage device. But what would you do if you lost your music and movie collection on your iPod or iPad?

 24 Hour Data: Experts in Mac Data Recovery

There's an easy answer to that one. Just call 24 Hour Data, where we are licensed to service Mac devices without voiding your warranty and have more than 15 years experience recovering data from Apple computers and other Mac devices.

 You may not be running a Fortune 500 company, but we know you've spent a lot of time and money putting together your iTunes collection stored on your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Don't trust your data recovery to just anyone. Call 24 Hour Data for your no-cost estimate and our no data, no charge guarantee. 


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