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The InformationWeek State of Cloud Computing Survey, a survey of 240 IT professionals, shows the growth in not only cloud computing but also in virtualization. While the two technologies are very different, they often go hand-in-hand because of the benefits. Both virtualization and cloud computing help conserve IT resources (technology, financial and human), reduce the likelihood of catastrophic data loss, and are increasingly becoming the choice of large and small companies. 

Here are some of the study's findings: 

- 26 percent of the IT departments plan to begin using infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS)

- 48 percent plan to begin using virtualization technology providers for cloud computing, an 8 percent increase from last year's survey

- 36 percent (five percent more than last year) plan to begin using SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) 

Cloud Computing and Data Back-up

Cloud back-up solutions, too, are growing in popularity. Cloud storage is a great choice as one of your three back-up methods. When it comes to data back-up, best practices dictate that you use three methods, including one off-site (which can be in the cloud), in case your home office is inaccessible due to fire, flooding or another natural disaster. 

Even if you use cloud storage, Software-as-a-Service, or virtualization where data is stored in the cloud, you still need back-ups. Make sure that the company who's providing your cloud storage, SaaS or cloud-based virtualization technology, additionally, has its own back-ups. 

In the world of technology and data storage, it's not a matter of if a hard drive or RAID server will fail -- it's when. There are many steps available to companies today to mitigate the risk of data loss, lost profits and downtime. Following best practices for data back-up, even when your data and apps are in the cloud, is the best way to keep your company and profits, your livelihood, safe. Another is to keep the number for a reliable data recovery service handy in the event of a data recovery emergency


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