Data Recovery Services Advance with Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Technology

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Data recovery services are a demanding field. Not only do data recovery experts have to stay on top of the latest, safest, most effective recovery methods for a host of different storage devices, but data storage is always changing.  

The latest developments in the field of data storage and security -- and, hand-in-hand with that, data recovery -- are self-encrypting hard drives. Trusted Computing Group, an industry organization made up of top data storage manufacturers, have established standards for self-encrypting drives. 

Opal Storage Specifications are classified as “a blueprint for self-encrypting capabilities.” Manufacturer hard drives that follow Opal specifications are compatible with today's technology and can be added to the Trusted Platform Module. Following Opal Storage Workgroup specifications enables a hard drive manufacturer to say that its hard drives: 

- conform with the policies of the Trusted Platform

- have a lifecycle state that classifies their hard drive as a Trusted Peripheral 

Members of Trusted Computing Group will host a session at this year's Storage Visions show in Las Vegas January 4 - 5, where they will discuss Opal specifications and more. 

 Meanwhile, at 24 Hour Data, our data recovery experts continue studying self-encrypting technology and developing the best ways to recover data from these advanced, high-security hard drives. 

 If your self-encrypting hard drive (SED) crashes, there's no reason to panic. Call 24 Hour Data, where we use the latest hard drive data recovery methods to get your data back safely and quickly. 

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