Data Recovery Services: What You Need to Know

Data Recovery Service

Like going to the hospital or calling an accountant for help with an audit, data recovery services are not something people like to think about -- until they really need it. What exactly are data recovery services? How much do they cost? And how fast can a professional data recovery firm recover your data?

 Professional data recovery services should not be confused with do-it-yourself data recovery software.

 Data recovery services like 24HourData use data recovery experts: 

- with years of expertise and advanced training

- who stay up-to-date on the latest data recovery processes

- who work in certified clean-room environments to prevent additional damage to your storage media during a data recovery

- with the latest tools to perform a successful data recovery

If you try to recover your lost data yourself, you may damage the files even more -- making it impossible for data recovery professionals to successfully recover your data.

How Quickly Do Data Recovery Experts Work?

We can't speak for others in our industry, but at 24HourData, you are guaranteed a free, no-risk estimate in 24 hours. After that, we perform most successful data recovery services within 48 hours. Emergency service is available at a higher cost.

How Much Do Data Recovery Services Cost?

Data recovery services vary in price, but if you give us a call, you may find we're more affordable than you think. How much is your lost data worth and what would it cost to replace it? In most cases, data recovery services cost much less than that. 

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