Data Recovery Takes the Heat off During National Fire Prevention Month


October is National Fire Prevention Month. The National Fire Protection Association is focusing on educating businesses and individuals about the use of smoke alarms to prevent injury and the spread of fire.

 In addition to injuries and property damage, fires can cause the loss of important company data. But if a fire in your office building is detected and exterminated early enough, a professional data recovery firm may still be able to access your data.

 Fire Damage Requires Physical and Logical Data Recovery

When your hard drive is damaged by extensive heat caused by a fire, it may require both physical and logical data recovery services. During a physical data recovery, your data recovery firm will work to repair aspects of a hard drive or other storage media that may have been damaged. Data recovery can even -- in some cases -- restore data from melted storage media.

 If the data recovery firm can repair the physical damage to your hard drive or other storage media, it will move on to logical recovery of the information on the drive. Logical recovery is performed by imaging the drive and then rebuilding the files that have been damaged or corrupted. Sound complicated? It is -- but our data recovery specialists can perform most logical recoveries in 24 hours or less.

 Where Are Your Back-Ups Stored?

Often, businesses and individuals store their data back-up storage media on-site, where it is susceptible to the same fire, flood or other physical damage as the primary storage media. If this is the case and your computer, storage media and back-up storage media is damaged in a fire, don't despair. Data Recovery services may be able to access and restore your data so you can continue with business as usual. 

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