Posted on: 10/27/2014
Data Backup   Data loss is devastating to a business. No matter who you are or what type of business you have, if you lose data, you're well on the way to losing clients. Data loss can be devastating to a company. If your CRM software fails and you lose your sales leads, you’ll lose potential revenue. If you’re running an e-commerce site and your data is damaged or corrupted, who knows how many sales you could lose?    
Posted on: 7/30/2014
Clicking Hard Drive   There are a number of reasons that a hard drive may start clicking – none of them are good signs. However, some clicking hard drives are worse than others.   
Posted on: 7/22/2014
Data Breach    
Posted on: 4/17/2014
Hard Drive Recovery   Hard drives fail. At 24 Hour Data, we know this better than anyone. On the pages of this blog, we frequently talk about physical and logical hard drive failure. Logical failure typically involves corruption of files or accidentally deleted data. Physical failure means damage to the hard disk drive itself. Drives may fail to varying extents. The damage might be complete, with no hope for recovery, or the drive may be easily recoverable. Data loss from logical disk drive failure can usually be fixed by a professional data recovery service. 
Posted on: 2/27/2014
  As the amount of mission critical data required by small businesses grows, data loss becomes inevitable. Let’s take a look at some significant 2013 statistics on data loss, researched by a number of reputable organizations and reported by data backup service provider Essentialink.


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