Posted on: 8/08/2011
Photo Recovery According to a Priceline survey, the staycation trend is ending and people are traveling again for the summer. The Priceline survey showed about 86% of people planning summer vacations. If you're in the majority of people traveling this summer, you might be bringing a smartphone, iPad, netbook, digital camera or maybe even your laptop computer. If that's the case, you may be storing your vacation photos on one of these devices before you even head home. But airline travel can be rough on electronic devices. Follow these tips to protect your memories -- and all your family's important data -- during your vacation.
Posted on: 8/02/2011
Brown-Outs With air conditioners and pool filters often running 24-7, power consumption rises during the hot summer months in Dallas, Texas. This can lead to rolling brown-outs, which can wreak havoc on sensitive computer systems and result in lost data and the need for data recovery in homes and businesses across Texas. To help prevent data loss: - Save files frequently - Use a Universal Power Supply (UPS) with surge protection -  If you hear news of a brown-out or potential black-outs, or during lightning storms, unplug your laptop and work off the battery
Posted on: 7/29/2011
Cloud Storage In-the-cloud data backup solutions such as Carbonite, and others can help prevent data loss in the event your computer hard drive goes bad or your computer system fails. These data services typically charge a monthly fee based on factors like the amount of data stored or the number of computers being backed up, and put your files safely “in-the-cloud” for retrieval in case your hard drive fails or your computer system crashes. Many choices in data back-up services exist, including: - Carbonite - Mozy
Posted on: 7/22/2011
SED Recovery Many hard drive manufacturers are introducing self-encrypting hard drives (SED). If you are a business looking to protect proprietary trade secrets and other important data, or even an individual who stores bank account information and other personal details on your computer, a SED might be the best choice for you. How SED's Work Self-encrypting drives scramble data as it is written to the disk, then descrambles it when you retrieve it. This provides an added level of security beyond password-protection on your hard drive. Rather than overwriting data to delete it if the hard drive changes hands (for instance, if you sell your computer), you simply delete the encryption key and other users won't be able to access the data easily.
Posted on: 7/19/2011
Home Network If you've heard of a RAID array, you may presume it's designed exclusively for businesses with massive amounts of data to store, who want a reliable storage method and faster data access speeds, too. But with the multimedia stored on the computers of many homes today, and the growing number of people who use their hard drive as a media center attached to their HDTV to watch movies, stream TV shows, and listen to music, RAID drives are no longer just for businesses or home computer enthusiasts.  Some of the benefits of certain type of RAID servers are:  - Faster data access speeds; no buffering when you stream video content to your flat screen
Posted on: 7/08/2011
  Samsung Recovery USB 3.0 SuperSpeed is the latest in data transfer technology, offering data transfer speeds 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Leading hard drive manufacturer Samsung has introduced several new USB 3.0 hard disk drives for all your external HDD needs. Let's take a look at the latest offerings: Samsung M2 Portable Hard Disk Drive
Posted on: 7/05/2011
  Value of Data Maybe you're an internet entrepreneur running your own e-commerce site or a blog hosted on your home server. Or maybe you've added a passive revenue stream by providing your own secure Web hosting services. Maybe you're a writer. A photographer. The head of a small marketing agency. A bookkeeper, or any individual providing a service to other small-to-mid-size business owners. Perhaps you perform data back-ups every day or every week but, in general, you might take the reliability of your computer for granted. And then it happens... A storm. A power surge. Catastrophic system failure. Suddenly, you are someone who makes their living from their computer, but you're facing the loss of all your crucial data. 
Posted on: 6/30/2011
  Data Recovery Partnership Are you an IT consultant, computer repair firm or hardware or software specialist? If you're in the IT field, whether you're a one-person shop or run an entire IT company, there may be times that your clients need data recovery but you don't have the expertise or facility to complete the job.Many independent IT pros can perform logical data recovery, but don't have a clean room environment for physical data recovery services that require the hard drive to be opened. That's where 24 Hour Data's data recovery partner program comes in. When you partner with 24 Hour Data for your client's data recovery needs, you'll receive: - 20% commission on all successful data recoveries performed
Posted on: 6/28/2011
  Cloud Recovery The recent Amazon EC2 server crash has a lot of businesses, especially small-to-mid-size businesses, wondering if cloud computing is really safe. Cloud computing has some drawbacks. For instance, you are putting the storage of your mission-critical company data in the hands of a third party. This always has a risk. The trade-off is that you are getting a lot more storage capacity for a lot less money than you would get with a RAID server. Another benefit is that you have the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world that has a high-speed internet connection, including your smart phone or netbook.


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