Posted on: 1/24/2011
SSD Data Recovery Just when you were already completely sold on the performance benefits of SSD (solid state drive) technology, it's established that SSD hard drive technology is also the green choice over conventional HHDs. Here are some reasons SSDs are the green choice for your computer's internal or external storage device.
Posted on: 1/21/2011
Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery Toshiba was on the cutting-edge of self-encrypting hard drive technology with the release of the company's first SED HDD in July 2010. Let's take a look at the company's Self-Encrypting Drive Offerings, which include a new Advanced Format Hard Drive available in a number of configurations. Toshiba SED hard drives follow Opal specifications established by Trusted Computing Group.  Toshiba Hard Drive: MJA2xxxCH Series Hard Drive - This internal hard drive features up to 250 GB of storage and AES-256 encryption. It has a best-in-class power consumption of just 1.4W and operates at 5,200 RPM.  Toshiba Hard Drive: MHZ2xxxCJ Series Hard Drive - This series of Toshiba Hard Drives supports the legacy ATA Security Mode Feature Set and allows the users to set a password. The drive generates a 256-bit encryption key right inside the drive, for enhanced security over software-based encryption. The drives are available with 80 to 320 GB of storage.
Posted on: 1/20/2011
External Drive Recovery You need to plug in an external hard drive. Maybe it's one you haven't used in a while, or maybe you just moved and you're setting up your home office in your new place.  It's easy enough to find a USB cable to connect today's external hard drives to any laptop, desktop PC or Mac computer. But if you grab any old power cord, plug it into your external drive, and then into the electrical outlet -- you could be asking for trouble... and a need for emergency data recovery.  You should only use the correct power cord -- that is, the one that came with your external hard drive. The wrong power cord could create a power surge that will overheat your drive and fry the internals. This requires a call to external hard drive data recovery experts to perform a physical and logical recovery on your hard drive to retrieve the data.  Keep Your External Hard Drive Power Cords Straight
Posted on: 1/19/2011
Data Recovery Service Data recovery services are a demanding field. Not only do data recovery experts have to stay on top of the latest, safest, most effective recovery methods for a host of different storage devices, but data storage is always changing.   The latest developments in the field of data storage and security -- and, hand-in-hand with that, data recovery -- are self-encrypting hard drives. Trusted Computing Group, an industry organization made up of top data storage manufacturers, have established standards for self-encrypting drives.  Opal Storage Specifications are classified as “a blueprint for self-encrypting capabilities.” Manufacturer hard drives that follow Opal specifications are compatible with today's technology and can be added to the Trusted Platform Module. Following Opal Storage Workgroup specifications enables a hard drive manufacturer to say that its hard drives: 
Posted on: 1/18/2011
We thought long and hard about New Year's Resolutions to better serve our customers here at 24 Hour Data. But the best we could think of was to continue our pledge to do what we've always done: provide prompt, personalized service, expert data recovery, and to adhere to our No Data, No Charge guarantee.  If we were to make any resolutions, here are a few:  1. To always be available to our customers - We promise to never use a call center to take calls from our customers. Whenever you dial 24 Hour Data (any time, day or night), you'll get a friendly, knowledgeable, U.S.-based customer service representative.  2. To keep your data secure, and your case confidential - We know your data is important to your company, your family, or your livelihood. We treat every data recovery case with the utmost respect and confidentiality, and we operate in a secure facility to guarantee the safety of your data.
Posted on: 1/17/2011
Data Recovery Process It's happened. Your hard drive or server has failed, and you can't recover lost data. But you're smart. You call data recovery experts before you try to recover lost data yourself and do irreparable damage to your data and your systems. Even dialing the phone is a scary process: Will the data recovery experts be able to recover lost data? How quickly? And what can you do to help the data recovery process?  Call Us to Begin the Data Recovery Process You can begin the data recovery process easily online or with a simple phone call. Our experienced service professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to begin your data recovery process or answer your questions. Be prepared to provide the following information for all storage media: Make: Model:
Posted on: 1/13/2011
Data Recovery Service Like going to the hospital or calling an accountant for help with an audit, data recovery services are not something people like to think about -- until they really need it. What exactly are data recovery services? How much do they cost? And how fast can a professional data recovery firm recover your data?  Professional data recovery services should not be confused with do-it-yourself data recovery software.  Data recovery services like 24HourData use data recovery experts:  - with years of expertise and advanced training - who stay up-to-date on the latest data recovery processes - who work in certified clean-room environments to prevent additional damage to your storage media during a data recovery - with the latest tools to perform a successful data recovery If you try to recover your lost data yourself, you may damage the files even more -- making it impossible for data recovery professionals to successfully recover your data.
Posted on: 1/11/2011
DYI Data Recovery Your computer system crashes and you can't access the data on your hard drive. You're lucky you know how to “accept friend requests” on Facebook or send an email; you know you won't be able to fix your computer yourself. You call your friend, the self-proclaimed “computer tech guru,” to ask if he can do a Google search for the name of a good hard drive recovery service. “Don't pay those guys,” he tells you. “Let me help you out.” You hesitate. You'd had a friend change the brakes on your car once to “save you money,” and after he had your car in his driveway for a week and then forgot to tighten the lug nuts and you lost a tire on the highway you realized you didn't really save any money at all. “C'mon,” your friend says. “You can buy me dinner as a thank you when we're done.” What Happens Next When You Don't Use a Hard Drive Data Recovery Service
Posted on: 1/10/2011
SSD Recovery On a typical HHD, recovering a deleted file is one of the easiest forms of data recovery. Even if you delete a file, the data is not truly gone until it is overwritten with new data on the hard drive. And even then, it's not a difficult process for an experienced data recovery firm to recover your lost data. Remnants of your data always remain on the hard drive. After time, this creates degradation of performance and can cause your hard drives to fail. Solid state disk drives had the same issue, although with no mechanical parts to fail, they tend to last longer than HHDs. A new ATA command is designed to reduce perform degradation and also speed up performance times with solid state drives. Many Windows 7 computers using SSD flash drives ship with this ATA command programmed into the operating system. The command is TRIM and, when you perform a command such as delete, format, or discard, TRIM purges the data and the link to it, wiping the entire block clean with no remnants of your data.
Posted on: 1/07/2011
RAID Data Recovery Service Corporate executives and IT directors know you get what you pay for. Often, a no-name, low-cost computer or printer will break down faster, not provide the features and options you need or offer horrible customer support when something goes wrong. You can pay a bit more for a name brand system and get quality service and a machine that does what you need.  The same holds true in the data recovery industry, especially in terms of raid data recovery services. Raid data server recovery is a specialized form of data recovery that requires extensive expertise and knowledge of the latest data recovery tools. Work must be performed in a clean room environment by experienced data recovery professionals who won't further damage your data or the working disks in your array, when they work on your raid data server.


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