Posted on: 1/06/2011
Western Digital Recovery Western Digital recently introduced the world's largest SATA internal hard drive, with 3TB of storage space. This is the first industry offering to show an actual benefit to consumers when it comes to AF hard drives and 4-kilobyte sector sizes. The new drive is part of Western Digital's popular Caviar Green SATA hard drive line and uses 750GB platters and 4KB sectors for increased storage and enhanced performance. The drive is available in 2.5TB and 3TB sizes, and also boasts green benefits, including lower power consumption in idle mode. The Caviar line has been well-reviewed across the industry, showing real benefits in lower power consumption with little loss in speed that's sometimes seen in “green” drives.
Posted on: 1/05/2011
Water Damaged Hard Drive Things can happen to computer hard drives -- fires, floods, and shock damage caused by dropping your computer or hard drive. snow can cause floods in some areas, while other areas of the U.S. are still warm enough to experience harsh rains that cause flooding. The best protection against the need for data recovery services is prevention. Don't store your hard drive, computer or server in an area that is likely to flood. If your business is in a multi-level building, make your server room on an upper level, if possible. Data Recovery Services for Wet Hard Drives If your hard drive should experience water damage, you'll need professional data recovery services.
Posted on: 1/04/2011
Hard Drive Recovery Portable hard drives are convenient, travel well, and offer a cost-effective, handy solution for data back-up or to expand the storage capacity of your laptop or desktop computer. But because they are so small, they are also prone to many environmental dangers, including fires, floods and especially shock damage caused by being dropped. Many people travel with their portable hard drives in their laptop bag with their computer. It is perfectly safe to put your portable hard drive through the airport's X-ray machine. But it can face danger when you take it out of your laptop bag, where it's well-protected. Be careful not to drop your portable hard drive, as this can damage the platters inside where data is stored.
Posted on: 1/03/2011
Flashing Question Mark A  question mark on your Mac computer screen at boot-up could mean one of two things. The first is not a big deal at all. The second could mean you're facing the loss of your Mac data, including your iTunes, photos, videos, documents and everything else on your Mac hard drive.  How can you tell whether you have a big flashing question mark problem and need Mac data recovery, or an issue you can solve yourself?  If your computer starts up normally after a brief delay, you probably don't need Mac data recovery. You may just need to re-select the Startup Disk preferences in Mac OS X. On Mac OS9, go to the Startup Disk control panel to make your selection. Select the correct startup disk (usually your hard drive) and you're good to go.
Posted on: 12/30/2010
Deleted Data Whether you're a business owner or a personal computer user, it's a nightmare -- you had to re-install Windows and now all your data is gone. Maybe you didn't get a chance to back up your data before your realized there was a problem with your computer. A Windows re-install was your only option to return your desktop computer or laptop to a useable state. There are a number of reasons you may need to re-install Windows, including: - File corruption - Deleted Windows files - Windows Registry corruption - Hardware failure If your computer is making a clicking noise upon start-up, it could be a problem with your hard disk drive and you may need a physical hard drive data recovery. Data recovery experts can help you with both physical and logical hard drive recovery for your Windows OS.
Posted on: 12/29/2010
Advanced Format Recovery Since 1956, the information on hard drives has been stored in sectors on magnetic disks that hold approximately 512 bytes per sector. An Advanced Format hard drive describes any hard drive with data sectors larger than 520 bytes per sector. The first generation AF drives introduced by Seagate, Western Digital and others use a 4,096-byte structure, giving them the designation of 4K hard drives.  Does an AF Hard Drive Require Specialized Hard Drive Data Recovery Services?  AF hard drives are touted as being longer-lasting and more reliable than standard HDDs. A more efficient Error Correction Code improves data integrity, theoretically reducing the chances you will need hard drive data recovery for your AF hard drive.  However, AF hard drives are still susceptible to the same dangers as other 512-byte hard drives, including physical damage from shock, water, and power surges.
Posted on: 12/21/2010
SSD Recovery SSDs, while increasingly common, are even harder to recover than conventional RAID servers and raid drives. While they are more durable and less prone to many of the failures that plague regular hard drives, the time may come when you need SSD repair or SSD data recovery. The free software designed for at-home data recovery will not work on most SSD harddrives, and due to the structure of SSD memory, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to perform SSD repair on your own. So who should you call?
Posted on: 12/16/2010
RAID Data Recovery When your raid server fails, it can stop your entire business. After all, what can your employees really do without computers? Most of us have been in the situation of having our work computer crash; our hands are tied as the IT department works on our system. Or maybe you need to send the hard drive out for data recovery service. Sure, you can find a spare computer and get it up and running independent of the company server -- but what can you do without your files? Here are a few non-industry specific ideas to keep your company moving as you wait for 24HourData to restore your company data and repair your raid server. Remember, in most cases, we'll provide raid server data recovery in 24 to 48 hours after we provide your initial free diagnostic and you give us the go-ahead to begin work. Emergency raid server data recovery service is also available.
Posted on: 12/13/2010
Previously the domain of high-tech companies and the aerospace industry, SSD are now found in computers of Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small business owners and individuals. What are the benefits of an SSD hard drive? - Since an SSD is all one piece (aside from the casing) it is less prone to mechanical failure. There are no physical parts that can scratch or wear out. - An SSD is less susceptible to physical shock or extreme temperatures - Has faster access times for data - Faster boot-up times - No parts to wear out - Less power to operate/more energy efficient - Can often retain memory after power loss - Silent operation - Lower latency
Posted on: 12/10/2010
RAID Server Recovery A raid server is a complicated series of disks in an array, where data is duplicated across the disks for protection against loss due to hard disk failure, file corruption or physical damage. While a raid server keeps your data safer than a standard computer hard drive, it's not invulnerable to physical damage, file corruption, accidental deletion or computer viruses. In the case of a raid 1 server, your server can continue functioning as long as one disk is still working properly. Other forms of raid data servers can keep operating with one or two failed disks, as long as the rest are still working. Raid Server Data Recovery Issues Raid server data recovery problems may occur when: - a member of a company's IT department attempts to swap out disks in a raid data server


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