Does Disk Defrag Help with Data Recovery of Deleted Files?

Defrag Recovery

Your kindergartner accidentally deleted your important work files -- and your second grader's school reports -- from your PC and you don't know where to turn. You know people who have attempted to recover lost or deleted data files from their PC themselves, and you know a little bit about computer maintenance. So you decide to do the first thing that comes to mind: run a disk defrag.

 Does running disk defrag help the chances of a successful data recovery?

 In a word, no. In fact, if you call 24 Hour Data for PC data recovery after running a disk defrag, you've decreased the chances that we can help you.

 When a file is deleted, the data remains on your computer's hard drive, albeit inaccessible by normal means, until it is overwritten. When you run a defrag program, your computer rearranges the bits of data on your hard drive so that they are better organized. In doing so, it overwrites files.

 If you run a defrag after data is deleted accidentally, chances are good that your system has overwritten the sector of the hard drive that contained the deleted data, making it harder to get it back.

 Deleted Files? Call Us Right Away!

 If you have lost files that were accidentally deleted (by you or someone else!), call 24 Hour Data for your free diagnostic before you run disk defrag or save any additional files to your hard drive. We can recover lost data and deleted files from any internal or external hard drive, and our prices are affordable for families and small business owners. 


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