Duracell Introduces Pro Line of Flash Data Storage

Duracell Flash recovery 

Photographers and flash memory cards go hand-in-hand. Professional photographers -- especially wedding, event and family photographers -- carry extensive insurance to cover data recovery costs or, worst case, data loss, if something should happen to their flash memory cards and the irreplaceable photo memories stored on them.

Duracell gets in on the flash memory game with a special line of flash memory cards designed with pro photographers in mind. The Pro Photo line of Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards work fast to complement the performance of today's professional and pro-sumer DSLR cameras. The SDHC cards transfer image files directly from camera to card for fast operation. The CF cards read up to 90 MB per second.

This advanced technology requires the most up-to-date data recovery methods if something goes wrong. Flash memory cards can suffer all kinds of damage, including file corruption, water damage, shock damage and even getting crushed, resulting in catastrophic data loss and the need for emergency data recovery. 

We get calls from professional photographers at all hours of day and night for our data recovery services. It makes our day to save someone's priceless wedding memories -- and possibly save a business, as well! Photographers rely heavily on word-of-mouth, and lost photos could mean lost future business.

We know your photos are important, too. Whether you're a professional or just like capturing family memories (and decide to use some of the best technology available to do so), 24 Hour Data provides reliable, affordable data recovery for all forms of flash media, including the latest in CF and SDHC flash memory card technology. 

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