Five Reasons Data Recovery Experts Are Like Superheroes




The recent wave of superhero movie blockbusters kicked off with the Avengers. Ironman struck a chord with us for his analytical mind and super-genius skills when it comes to technology, but we're fans of most super heroes here at 24 Hour Data .We've even had some of our customers call us superheroes for saving their data, whether it's mission critical company files stored on a RAID drive or family photos on a flash memory card. 

If the connection between data recovery experts and superheroes isn't quite clear to you yet, we're going to help you connect the dots with 5 ways your data recovery specialists are like superheroes.

1. We're smart. - Charles Xavier, who led the X-Men. Spider-man and his interest in science (and radioactive spiders!) Batman using his intelligence to outsmart the Riddler's latest conundrum. Brute force rarely works in the data recovery world, so we rely on grace, finesse, and the smarts of our data recovery specialists to save the world, er, we mean, your data. 

2. We rely on technology. - Batman's superpowers are rooted in knowing how to use technology to his advantage. But in one cartoon episode, Batman shared his greatest superhero: “I never give up.” Yeah. We're like that. 

3. We never take a break. Just how many times did Clark Kent skip out on Lois because of a super hero emergency? Spider-man was constantly getting in trouble with Aunt May ... if only she knew! Our data recovery specialists would never let their family and loved ones down in their time of need, but we do have data recovery specialists manning our phones and working in our clean rooms 'round the clock for you. 


4. We have an air of mystery about us.  - Aside from Ironman, who is all too open about his superhero identity, superheroes are cloaked (sometimes literally) in a web of secrecy. A lot of people view data recovery in the same way. Mystery men in white coats manipulating microchips all to reveal hidden data. Believe what you will. Having an air of mystique makes for great cocktail party conversation (if only people really knew....) 


5. We have a base in New York. - It's pretty commonly accepted that Batman's Gotham City is a fictional representation of New York. Spider-man was from Brooklyn (or Queens, depending on which stories you read.) Stark Tower has an actual Manhattan address, and the original home of Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was in Westchester County, north of the city. 

This summer, 24 Hour Data opened a Park Avenue office in midtown Manhattan, right in the center of some of the biggest businesses in the world in need of data recovery. 


Who's your favorite superhero? Which one reminds you of a data recovery expert


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