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Data loss is devastating to a business. No matter who you are or what type of business you have, if you lose data, you're well on the way to losing clients. Data loss can be devastating to a company. If your CRM software fails and you lose your sales leads, you’ll lose potential revenue. If you’re running an e-commerce site and your data is damaged or corrupted, who knows how many sales you could lose?  


No one wants to continue working with a company that can't keep a handle on their sensitive information. Make the most of your data backup and you'll find that you're keeping more than information, you're keeping profits.


Who Experiences Data Loss?


Over 5% of businesses have some type of data loss every year. This is just for companies that report these losses. Take into consideration independent contractors, small businesses, and start- ups and you can imagine how widespread the problem is. We're not just talking about large data server crashes. Small data losses from crashed hard drives stand-alone computers cripple small businesses. These crashes cause loss of contact information, brochures, spreadsheets, and more. These data losses hurt sales, crash employee morale if employees have to re-create the work, and can even put a company out of business.  


What Type of Backup Does Your Business Need?


Different kinds of backups work for different size and types of businesses. In a prior post, we discussed five different ways to back up your data (, so there’s no need to re-hash your choices. Suffice to say, tape-based storage is gradually losing favor to cloud-based solutions, although cloud-based solutions may open users up to vulnerability in the form of data breeches and hacking. It’s all a matter of doing your research and finding a data back-up service you feel you can trust.

One Back-up Equals No Back-ups

Data recovery experts, who have seen it all, recommend three forms of data back-up for your business, including one data back-up stored remotely. Mother nature is stronger than us all, and all it takes is one thunderstorm, tornado or hurricane to render your data inaccessible.

Because back-ups fail, having two forms of back-up is preferred and, for Fortune 500 firms with millions riding on their data, three back-ups is recommended. But even in the event of a worst-case scenario, if your primary, secondary and tertiary back-ups all fail, 24 Hour Data is available to save the day. We also help fill in the gaps between the time of data loss and your last data back-up, which can represent terrabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of dollars for large businesses. A data recovery emergency is never fun, but it is something every business should be prepared for. As long as you can access your data, you're never out of business. 

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