Go Ahead, Keep Your Flash Drive In Your Laptop

Flash Drive Recovery

Tired of losing your USB drive? (Unfortunately, even 24 Hour Data can't recover lost data from a drive if you can't provide us with the drive!) Leading storage media manufacturer Verbatim has come up with a solution in its “Store 'n' Stay” USB drive. With an ultra-low profile, this drive about the size of a dime is designed to stay right inside your laptop wherever you go. You can even slide your laptop into its bag or case with the USB drive attached. 

24 Hour Data normally recommends removing your USB drive from  your computer's USB slot when you're done using it to avoid damaging your USB drive http://www.24hourdata.com/blog/avoid-data-recovery-emergency-disconnect-... and needing emergency data recovery services.

When a conventional shaped USB drive (sometimes called a thumb drive because of the shape and size) protrudes from the side of your laptop, you risk breaking the delicate memory stick. This type of damage would require reconstruction of the delicate memory inside and complex physical recovery of the lost data.

The size and shape of the Store 'n' Stay drive minimizes this possibility, helping to protect your data. You can use it for extra storage capacity in your netbook or iPad or for easy file sharing on the go.

The Store 'n' Stay drive is available in capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB and is compatible with most Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and  Win 7 platforms, as well as Mac OS 9 or higher.

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