Green Benefits to SSD Hard Drive Technology

SSD Data Recovery

Just when you were already completely sold on the performance benefits of SSD (solid state drive) technology, it's established that SSD hard drive technology is also the green choice over conventional HHDs. Here are some reasons SSDs are the green choice for your computer's internal or external storage device.

 Lower Power Consumption in SSDs

With no spinning disks, SSDs are not only quieter than conventional HHDs, they use less power in operating mode. Additionally, less heat is generated, which means a cooling fan for the hard drive is not necessary. Finally, SSDs do not need battery back up to retain data. All these factors add up to an 8 to 10 % power consumption savings in most laptop computers.

 SSDs Made from Environmentally Friendly Materials, Less Waste

Conventional hard drives are manufactured with aluminum and sometimes coated with other, non-environmentally friendly materials. Semiconductor materials are not only more environmentally friendly, but you use less of them to do the same job -- meaning less environmental waste when a solid state drive sees the end of its lifecycle.

 SSD Hard Drives Last Longer

The lifecycle of an SSD is longer than that of a conventional HDD, because there are no moving parts to wear out. This means less waste.


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