A Grinding Hard Drive Requires Immediate Data Recovery Services

Grinding Hard Drive

If you listen carefully, you'll hear that hard drives do make a lot of sounds. Some are completely normal. But you never want to hear your hard drive making grinding noises.

Grinding sounds occur when damaged drive heads have rubbed against the hard drive disk platters too long. The platters have already become damaged and you are facing the loss of your important data. Your hard drive has failed! 

Don't panic. While grinding sounds from a hard drive mean the drive has failed, a professional data recovery service can help. It's likely that your hard drive will require both a logical and physical data recovery.

About Physical Hard Drive Recovery

During the physical hard drive recovery, 24 Hour Data technicians will work in our certified clean room environment to repair the damaged platters in your hard drive. This permits us to move to the next phase of data recovery, where we can actually retrieve the important data stored on your hard disk drive.

About Logical Hard Drive Recovery

Logical hard drive recovery is the next step in the data recovery process. This is where our technicians work to restore the lost data on your hard drive.

Don't Attempt Data Recovery Yourself

When you hear grinding sounds from your hard drive, it is crucial that you power down your system immediately. Do not run CHKDSK or any data recovery software programs. Your hard drive has failed and needs professional attention from experts in hard drive data recovery if you want to get your important data back.

Contact 24 Hour Data http://www.24hourdata.com/data-recovery-form for a free diagnostic within 24 hours. In most cases, we offer 24 to 48 hour service for logical and physical hard drive data recovery. Don't take chances with your important data. 

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