Hard Drive Noises that Need Data Recovery Service

Clicking Hard Drive

Oops! You just dropped your portable hard drive. It happens. And that super-protective, extra-strong casing won't always protect a dropped hard drive.

Now, you boot up your computer and the portable hard drive is making weird noises. What types of noise?

- Clicking

- Grinding

- Beeping

Most hard drives are fairly silent during operation. You may hear muted clicking and a soft hum when the drive is in operation. That's normal. But louder clicking, grinding, or a click-whir sound, along with beeping, are bad signs.

Clicking from your Hard Drive: Clicking often means the heads are going bad. When you dropped the drive, the heads could have become damaged.

Grinding: Again, bad heads may rub against the disks in your hard drive, making grinding sounds. 

Beeping: If your hard drive is beeping, it could mean the seek arm is looking for disks to read and can't find them. Internals were damaged when you dropped your hard drive.

Power Down and Call 24 Hour Data

 In any of these cases, attempting to use your hard drive could result in significant physical damage to your hard drive and the permanent loss of your data. Do not attempt to run any do-it-yourself hard drive repair applications.

 Instead, power down your computer immediately and  for your free diagnostic and emergency hard drive data recovery service.

 We will restore the data on your hard drive and, if possible, repair the drive. It's not worth taking chances with do-it-yourself data recovery. Trust the experts. 


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