Hitachi Intros G-DRIVE Slim for Mac Users

Hitachi Recovery

On the heels of last year's Hitachi GST's 7mm TravelStar Z5K320 hard drive, hard drive and storage solution manufacturer Hitachi has introduced the G-Technology G-DRIVE slim for Mac users.

Formatted for Mac to make it the perfect back-up solution or external storage device for the Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, the G-DRIVE Slim externa hard drive has 320GB of storage. Small, sleek and stylish (just what computer users have come to expect for Mac devices), the G-DRIVE slim is housed in a lightweight, recyclable aluminum enclosure.

Hitachi GST says the device can store up to:

- 80 hours of HD video

- 320 hours of standard video

- 114 movies

- 80,000 songs

- 160 games

You Don't Want to Lose All That Data from Your Mac Device

That's a lot of data to protect! We understand that Mac users tend to carry their entire life in their MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air; you don't want to risk losing all that data in the event of a hard drive failure.

At 24 Hour Data, we are certified Mac data recovery experts, as well as trained professionals in Hitachi hard drive data recovery. This makes our data recovery engineers the perfect choice to recover lost data from any peripheral devices on your Mac, including the new Hitachi GST G-DRIVE Slim.

If it's time to upgrade the external hard drive for your MacBook, go ahead and enjoy the lightweight and slim design of the G-DRIVE; if anything happens to your drive, we have success rates that are above industry standard for Mac data recovery, in 24 hours or less in most cases.


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