Hitachi Joins the Game with Consumer Electronics Optimized Hard Drives

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 ever thought your television set would have a hard drive in it? Many of today's HDTVs, as well as other consumer electronics appliances like digital video recorders, IPTV set-top boxes, and more, now contain hard drives to store audio and video content.

Hitachi Consumer Hard Drives

Some popular examples already on the market include the Seagate Barracuda LP and the Western Digital WD RE4-GP hard drives. Now Hitachi Hitachei's new CES Hard Drives (CE optimized) joins the market with the introduction of the 3.5-inch CinemaStar 5K2000 family, available in 2TB and 1.5TB capacities, and the 2.5-inch CinemaStar C5K750 line for laptop computers.

The C5K750 line is available in the following capacities:

- 750GB

- 640Gb

- 500GB

Hitachi C5K750 Advanced Format for Better Performance

The Hitachi CinemaStar C5K750 uses Advanced Format technology to increase the physical sector size from 512 bytes to more than 4,000 bytes, permitting more efficient use of the storage surface area. This result in increased drive capacity and improved data integrity.

The new CE-optimized drives are designed to operate at cooler temperatures and offer near-silent operation.

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With so much of your family's treasured movies, music and more now stored in digital format, it's more important than ever to know where to turn when you need hard drive data recovery services.

The data recovery experts at 24 Hour Data have the knowledge, experience and tools to recover data from new Seagate, Western Digital, and Hitachi hard drives and more.

Whether your kids accidentally deleted all your data, spilled fruit juice in your laptop, or if your drive simply suffered inexplicable failure, we're here to help with professional Hitachi hard drive data recovery -- any time, day or night. 

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