How Hard Drive Recovery Can Ruin a Friendship

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Your computer system crashes and you can't access the data on your hard drive. You're lucky you know how to “accept friend requests” on Facebook or send an email; you know you won't be able to fix your computer yourself.

You call your friend, the self-proclaimed “computer tech guru,” to ask if he can do a Google search for the name of a good hard drive recovery service.

“Don't pay those guys,” he tells you. “Let me help you out.”

You hesitate. You'd had a friend change the brakes on your car once to “save you money,” and after he had your car in his driveway for a week and then forgot to tighten the lug nuts and you lost a tire on the highway you realized you didn't really save any money at all.

“C'mon,” your friend says. “You can buy me dinner as a thank you when we're done.”

What Happens Next When You Don't Use a Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Often, a well-meaning friend will use the same hard drive recovery software you could have purchased yourself. Maybe your friend knows a bit more about computers than you do. But chances are your friend is not a data recovery expert. Hard drive data retrieval should be performed in a clean room environment. Chances are, your friend doesn't have one of those.

Most importantly, people get busy with work and their family. (Remember your buddy with the brake job?) Your friend is probably not focused on your hard drive data retrieval around the clock until he gets it done. If you are anxious for your data, this could create a rift in your friendship. 

In a worse case scenario, your friend's DIY data recovery software will cause even more damage to your hard drive, and your data will be irrevocably lost. You'll be annoyed; he'll feel guilty. Things will never be the same.

While we offer personalized service at 24 Hour Data -- and yes, we do treat you like a good friend -- we are professionals who will get the job done. No strings attached. In fact, we offer a no data, no charge guarantee. Can your “computer tech guru buddy” offer the same? 

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