How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

Data Recovery Cost

When faced with data loss this is one of the first questions that comes to mind. Is Data Recovery going to cost me thousands of dollars? The answer to this question is complicated.

Pricing for Data Recovery depends on media type, drive size, and issue with the drive. 

What kind of drive do you have? Is it a Hard Drive, RAID array, Mac Drive, SSD, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, or Tape? Media type can make a huge difference in pricing. For instance, a Solid State Drive or a RAID array will be much more expensive to recover than a Hard Drive.

Next, what size drive do you have? A 80GB Hard Drive will cost half the price to recover in most cases than a 1TB Hard Drive. Drive size is definitely makes a difference in pricing.

The last factor in Data Recovery Pricing is the issue with the drive. For Hard Drives the question is always is your drive clicking or grinding? If so, this typically means a physical issue that will result in a higher price. If not, you may have a logical issue which may be recovered with software for a much lower cost. Every media type will have their own sets of issues that determine price point.

After all the factors are determined Data Recovery can range from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. More important than the cost of Data Recovery is the value of your data? This question should be asked before how much is Data Recovery going to cost.

Professional Data Recovery companies like 24 Hour Data will give you a Free Quote for recovery and offer a No Data, No Charge policy. Valuable data should always go to the professionals for a Free diagnostic.

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