Iron-Platinum Disk Drives Could Increase Storage Capacity


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As solid state drives capture an ever-increasing marketshare for storage media, researchers continue to seek out new materials for storage using nanomagnets. An alloy of iron and platinum with an ordered crystal structure shows promise based on research led by Professor Kai Liu and graduate student Dustin Gilbert at the University of California, Davis, Science Daily reports.(


The alloy is resistant to the affects of heat, and can retain data at even extremely small nanomagnet sizes. The research team included experts from Seagate Technologies, an industry leader in storage technology. 


Nanomagnet research for hard disk technology has been going on for decades, with researchers experimenting with ever-smaller nanomagnets made from a variety of materials. This new research offers the ability to create a nanomaterial with extremely thin layers of metal, using rapid thermal annealing to convert the layers into an ordered alloy. Researchers could adjust the magnetic properties and crystal structure of the alloy by adding small amounts of copper into specific regions. 


These developments could result in higher density hard disk drives as the HDD revolution continues. 


24 Hour Data Recovers the Hard Disks of the Future

New advancements in HDD storage technology take place every day. Even as Solid State Drives continue to gain a larger percentage of the market share, especially for data centers and other commercial applications, hard disk drives remain the affordable choice for home PCs and Macs. 


Tomorrow's HDDs, offering higher storage capacities in smaller sizes, may still require physical and logical recovery if they suffer: 


-  Computer viruses and malware attacks

- Data corruption

- Accidental deletion of files

- Shock damage

- Water damage

- Power surges


24 Hour Data stays on the cutting edge of HDD research and development news, in order to remain on the cutting edge of data recovery processes. As new hard disk drives come to market from top manufacturers like Seagate, we refine our data recovery processes to maintain our 99 percent success rate for hard disk drive recovery. 


The future of HDD technology is smaller footprints, higher storage capacity and faster operation. 24 Hour Data is right there, perfecting our data recovery techniques as technology changes. 


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