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Overheating is a main cause of server and hard drive failure and catastrophic data loss. Sonnet Technologies has introduced a solution for Mac Mini Server users. The RackMac mini rackmount case holds two MacMini servers in a 1U rack space measuring 11 inches deep. The preassembled, sturdy steel case is ideal for home network use or small business owners with limited storage space.

 The rack is designed to manage air flow, permitting recirculation of hot air around the servers; cool air travels in a one-way path through the front panel to the computers' air intakes, and then vents out the rear of the case.

 The front panel includes the following for each Mac Mini server: 

  • DVD
  • IR sensor
  • Power indicator slots
  • Power switch
  • USB port

This makes it easy to turn the dual servers on and off, connect peripherals or attach a USB drive for data transmission or easy backups.

 The RackMac also protects your Mac Mini servers during travel with a padded locking bar.

 As certified Mac data recovery experts, we really like this rack mounting solution, which helps protect Mac Mini servers from high temperatures and shock damage. With more than 15 years experience in Mac data recovery, we've seen it all.

 We expect that your Mac Mini server will be safe inside a RackMac, but we also know that server failure can happen no matter what steps you take to protect your system. That's when you can trust 24 Hour Data to perform Mac data recovery fast, and at reasonable prices for home users and small businesses. 

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