Is the Mac OS As Secure As We've Believed?

Mac OS

Apple manufactures the bestselling laptops in the U.S. with the MacBook line. Mac users tend to be brand evangelists, but they have reason to be. A Mac laptop may cost a little bit more than its PC counterpart, but users say it's better because of the:

- Enhanced security ... Macs are simply less prone to viruses and hacks than PCs

- Processing capabilities, power and interface for tasks like photo and video editing

- More intuitive interface

- Style, design and image

Macs and Security
Today, many of the things that made Macs great are also available on PCs. But Macs remain more secure in regard to their vulnerability to hacker attacks and viruses. Or do they?

A Mac with a Java-enabled Web browser is as susceptible as a PC is to malware and infections, because Java provides root access which makes modifications possible. If you disable java, you'll be safer but the fact is, any computer that connects to the internet is susceptible to attacks that could result in a loss of data.

Don't misunderstand -- Macs are still far less susceptible to hacker attacks than PCs, and there still really aren't any “viruses” that infect PCs. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself, your Mac, and your important data:

- Only download files from trusted sources (like the Mac app store)

- Connect to the Internet via secure connections only

- Back up your files to the cloud regularly

- Call 24 Hour Data right away if you experience a blinking question mark screen, failure to boot, and any other problems with your Mac that result in catastrophic Mac data loss


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