My Hard Drive Got Wet And I Need My Data Back

Water Damaged Hard Drive

Things can happen to computer hard drives -- fires, floods, and shock damage caused by dropping your computer or hard drive. snow can cause floods in some areas, while other areas of the U.S. are still warm enough to experience harsh rains that cause flooding.

The best protection against the need for data recovery services is prevention. Don't store your hard drive, computer or server in an area that is likely to flood. If your business is in a multi-level building, make your server room on an upper level, if possible.

Data Recovery Services for Wet Hard Drives

If your hard drive should experience water damage, you'll need professional data recovery services.

Do not attempt data recovery yourself; leave it to the experts. Do not run disk utility programs or use any DIY data recovery programs. These are not designed for physical hard drive recovery and will damage your hard drive further -- possibly beyond repair.

When the disks in your hard drive get wet, the heads that read the data stick to the platters. If you attempt to turn on the hard drive, the heads may get ripped off, damaging the platters and making it impossible for data recovery experts to recover lost data.

Keep Your Hard Drive Wet Until You Call Data Recovery Experts

Don't try to dry your hard drive, either. The drying process may leave residue on the platters and heads, causing the hard drive platters to physically degrade. If possible, keep the hard drive wet by storing it in a sealed container. Time is of the essence. Call for professional data recovery service right away.

24 Hour Data is available 24/7 for your wet hard drive data recovery emergency. Call us any time, and we'll offer a fast and free diagnostic. We have the tools to properly dry your hard drive and perform a physical and logical recovery to retrieve your lost data. 

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