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External Drive Recovery

Many people use an external hard drive that connects to their PC or Mac for easy and convenient data back-up.

This may seem like a good, cost-effective data back-up solution, especially for individual users and small business owners. But consider these facts about external hard drive data storage:

- If you store your external hard drive in the same location as your computer system, it is subject to the same dangers, including floods, fires and theft. If someone steals your computer, what's to stop them from taking your external hard drive, too?

- If files become infected with a computer virus on your PC, those same files will still be corrupt and unreadable when you back them up to your external hard drive.

- An external hard drive can suffer shock damage from being dropped

Benefits to External Drive Recovery

However, there are benefits to storing your data on an external drive for backup. If you happen to need external drive recovery services -- due to fire or flood damage, corrupt data, or even accidentally deleted files -- it's easy to ship your hard drive to external drive recovery experts for professional data recovery. You won't need to remove the main hard drive from your PC, and you can continue working on your PC without interruption.

If you choose 24HourData for your external drive recovery needs, we'll have your external drive -- and your recovered data -- back within 48 hours after we receive it, in most cases. If you ship us a similar external hard drive, we'll return your recovered data on the new drive -- it will be like you never suffered a data recovery emergency.

For small business owners and individuals, using an external drive can be a cost-effective, easy way to keep a backup of your important files. 

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