Need RAID Data Recovery During an Upgrade?

RAID Data Recovery


Upgrading a RAID array or doing a “hot swap” of disks in a RAID array is designed to be a simple process for experienced IT managers. In most cases, when you're upgrading disks in a RAID array to prevent hard disk failure or to replace them with faster or larger hard disk drives, you begin with the smallest drive in the array. 


After pulling out the hard disk, you replace it with the larger, faster, newer hard disk and rebuild the array. Repeat until you've replaced all the older or smaller hard disks in the array and you have a new RAID array that you can expect to last a number of years before disks begin experiencing failure due to read/write cycles. 


When RAID Upgrades Go Wrong

In some cases, however, the degraded array will crash during or just prior to the rebuilding process, leaving you with a data recovery emergency. There may be nothing wrong with any of the hard drives in the RAID array; the RAID just failed to operate in the degraded state. The more drives you plan to replace, of course, the greater the odds that your RAID will crash during upgrades. If this happens, it's difficult and time-consuming (if not impossible), to recover the data using do-it-yourself RAID recovery applications. 


This is why it's essential to back up all your data before any RAID disk upgrades. However, if you're upgrading hard disks because they are old and close to failing, or if you're doing a hot swap due to a failed RAID drive, this means taking chances, too. The act of backing up the data can cause the RAID array to fail. 


24 Hour Data Specializes in RAID Data Recovery 

That's when data recovery specialists like the pros at 24 Hour Data can help. We understand that RAID upgrades are risky and crashes sometimes happen, resulting in mission critical data loss. 


Our 24 Hour Data specialists are always available, answering the phones at all hours, to handle your RAID recovery emergency with speed, understanding, fair prices, and the utmost in customer service. 

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