NETGEAR Media Storage Router Earns Innovation Award at CES

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NETGEAR showcased what judges rated as one of the most innovative inventions of the year, the N900 media storage router, at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

The new, integrated device took home an Innovations Design and Engineering Award at the show, and is scheduled to ship to consumers some time this summer.

The WNDR4500 combines storage and back-up capabilities with streaming and wireless networking all in one package, creating an integrated solution for families and small or businesses.

The Media Storage Router also offers the ability to run downloadable applications from the NETGEAR Smart Network App Store.

The Media Storage Router includes a 2TB, upgradeable hard drive and two high-speed USB 3.0 ports to add additional external storage or creating networked drives. The system includes automatic, continuous backups via the READYSHARE Vault.

Other features include the READYSHARE Cloud, which permits users to access files stored on the home server from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and DLNA-certified media sharing capabilities, to permit the router/drive to stream files to any other DLNA-certified devices in the home. This permits the router to act as a digital media hub and server.

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