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LaCie has introduced a new, five-bay RAID array that it's calling the 5big Thunderbolt, with up to 20TB capacity. Allowing for custom RAID configurations but pre-configured at RAID 0, both the 20TB an 10TB versions have speeds up to 785MB per second via five 7200 RPM/64 MB cache hard disks. 

Designed for Video Pros

The 5big Thunderbolt is tailor-made to edit multiple 2K uncompressed 10-bit streams, says the manufacturer, making it ideal for video post-production work. Users can use fast volume in conjunction with popular software like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Aperture.

The RAID array includes two Thunderbolt ports. Up to six Thunderbolt peripherals can be daisy-chained together to further increase storage capacity and back-up capabilities. 

Back-ups, Hot Swap Capabilities and More To Avoid Emergency Data Recovery

An IT manager can easily assign the RAID array to back up one drive per day during the work week. 

When configured as a RAID 1, the disks are hot swappable, to change drives on the fly without shutting down the array. 

Reliability is a key in any data storage device. The 5big Thunderbolt RAID array uses a heat-dissipating aluminum casing, a Noctua cooling fan and large heat exhausts to prolong the life of the hard disk drives and prevent overheating, which could lead to a data recovery emergency. 

Video professionals store mission critical creative work, video footage that would be difficult and expensive, if not impossible, to replicate, and important files that must be complete by very specific deadlines on their RAID arrays. 

It's important to use the latest data storage technologies to prevent the likelihood of a data recovery emergency. But it's even more important to have a data recovery service you can trust, with data recovery specialists who stay up to date on the latest data recovery methods for the newest hard drives, RAID arrays and more.

You can trust 24 Hour Data for all your RAID recovery needs. We hope you won't have to call us to recover your video footage the day before that commercial you spent weeks working on is set to air... but we're here if you do need us. 

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