New Samsung 128GB NAND Flash for More Data Storage Capacity


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The next generation of tablets and smartphones could have the processing power and data storage of today's notebook PCs, if new NAND flash memory introduced by Samsung is any indication. 

The technology giant recently announced the mass production of its 128 GB NAND flash memory for smartphones and tablets. 

The 128GB eMMC (embedded multimedia card) Pro Class 1500 is the successor to 16 GB, 32GB and 64GB NAND flash memory from Samsung. All versions of the cards read data sequentially at speeds up to 140MB/s, with a write speed as high as 50MB/s. 

The storage device combines eight Samsung 64GB NAND memory layers in a fully managed NAND with a high performance controller and intelligent flash-management firmware, and is small enough to fit in to even the smallest smart phones. 

Cutting Edge Technology Requires Cutting Edge Data Recovery Techniques

These industry-leading cards use sophisticated technology in a very small space, requiring the most precise techniques for data recovery in the event of data loss from logical or physical damage. As experts in Samsung data recovery, 24 Hour Data's recovery specialists have already equipped themselves with the knowledge and expertise to recover mission critical data, important contacts, photos, and files from the new Pro Class 1500 cards.

With the cards now in mass production, we can expect to see them in Samsung smart phones and other mobile devices soon. You can treat yourself to the newest mobile device, or buy it for someone special as a holiday gift, and know that you can call on 24 Hour Data in the event of catastrophic data loss requiring emergency data recovery. 


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