New Samsung Drive Packs 1 TB of Storage into Pocket-Sized SSD

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It’s not quite as small as a typical USB thumb drive or key drive, but it’s pretty close. Measuring a few millimeters shorter than a credit card, the new Samsung Portable SSDT1 stores one terabyte of data for techies on the go. It’s showing this week at CES 2015 in Vegas, along with a host of other exciting hard drive technologies.

Pricey But Practical
This much storage in such a small space, with the lightning fast speed and durability of a solid-state disk drive, doesn’t come cheap. The 1TB version lists for $600, with smaller 250GB and 500GB models going for $180 and $300, respectively.

The 1TB drive will likely find a home with graphic artists and video professionals looking to pack their portfolio or works-in-progress onto a portable and sharable storage medium.

Samsung Speed and Quality

The drive is not just big (in storage capacity) and small (in footprint). It’s also lightning fast. Samsung claims it’s100 times faster than an external hard disk drive, making it perfect for frequent data back-ups. The drive boasts sequential read/write speeds of up to 450 megabytes per second and random read/write speeds of up to 8,000 inputs/outputs per second and 21,000 IOPS. Samsung claims it takes only 8 seconds to transfer a 3GB file. 

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