Prevent the Need for Data Recovery: Cooling Options for Servers

RAID Server

Today's RAID servers and high-end computer systems can run extremely hot without the proper cooling measures in place. It's important to store your RAID server, PC, or Mac computer in a cool room, with the proper ventilation. But sometimes that's not enough.

 Here are three more ways to keep your high-end computer running cool and help prevent hard drive failure that may require data recovery services.

 1. Install more fans or upgrade your existing fans. The CPU fan that came with your computer may not be enough if your computer is running in a warm environment or for long hours at a time. Install a more powerful CPU fan and, while you're at it, install fans to keep your computer's other components, like the memory or graphics card, cool.

 2. Install a water cooling kit. This relatively inexpensive upgrade can save you thousands of dollars in lost data and time if your computer fails and you need emergency data recovery services. A water cooling kit, sometimes called a heat sink, pumps cool water down around your computer's CPU where it gets the hottest. The water absorbs the heat and pumps the water out of the computer to cool it down again. It's a closed system, so the cool water then circulates back in to absorb more heat.

 3. Install a phase change unit. A vapor compression phase change unit resides in your equipment closet beneath the server, with a tube leading to the CPU. Gas is pumped through the system, compressed into liquid, absorbs the heat, and then evaporates back into gas, releasing the heat to begin the cycle again. Think of it as an air conditioner for your RAID array.

 If your RAID server, Mac computer, or PC crashes due to overheating, call 24 Hour Data for data recovery services and think about one of these ways to keep your computer cool and your data safe. 


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