Preventing a Data Recovery Emergency: How Secure Are You About Your Network Security?


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Several surveys circulating the industry reveal that IT administrators are if-fy about the reliability of the systems they manage. More than half of the IT managers said they cannot guarantee the computers on their network or used by employees are free of viruses and malware, that they are operating at peak efficiency, and that they will not fail without warning. 

There are a number of reasons for this, including: 

- No company-wide standards for antivirus protection

- Different expiration dates and licensing agreements for antivirus solutions makes it difficult and time-consuming to track and plan for updates

- No automated system warns when a hard drive or RAID server is about to fail due to components reaching the end of their read/write life cycle

Making these three small changes in your IT management methods can save you time, money and stress by helping avoid a data recovery emergency. 

Are The Answers in the Cloud? 

More and more IT professionals today are turning to managed services for antivirus and malware protection, Internet security, and tracking system maintenance. 

Imagine having all the computers and servers on your network on the same schedule and same license for antivirus protection? Through the cloud, one update can handle it all. Less administration for you and your staff, so you can do your job better and faster. 

Additionally, apps that send automated warnings when computer equipment is nearing its end-of-life help you be prepared for the inevitable. You can avoid downtime or even a data recovery emergency by replacing a RAID drive in plenty of time; no more hot swaps at 3 AM. Fewer surprise hard drive failures. No panicked calls to 24 Hour Data. As much as we love sweeping in to save the day, it's your turn to be a hero this time. 

How do you feel about the stability of your network? What steps can you take to make your system more secure? 


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