Protect Your Data During a Brown-Out


With air conditioners and pool filters often running 24-7, power consumption rises during the hot summer months in Dallas, Texas. This can lead to rolling brown-outs, which can wreak havoc on sensitive computer systems and result in lost data and the need for data recovery in homes and businesses across Texas.

To help prevent data loss:

- Save files frequently

- Use a Universal Power Supply (UPS) with surge protection
  If you hear news of a brown-out or potential black-outs, or during lightning storms, unplug your laptop and work off the battery

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Even if you follow these tips, the potential for data loss during a brown-out exists. When a computer isn't receiving enough power to operate, it shuts down. Shutting down without following proper procedures can result in file corruption, including corruption of system files which can render your important data unreadable and require a complete Windows re-installation.

Additionally, power surges that may occur when power turns back on can cause permanent damage to your hard drive, requiring logical and physical
hard drive data recovery services.

If your computer won't boot up properly following a brown-out or a lightning storm, do not attempt data recovery yourself. Let the experts at 24 Hour Data handle your HDD or solid state disk drive (SSD) data recovery to prevent further damage to your important files. 


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