RAID Server Failure: Let's Count the Ways

RAID Recovery

There's a misconception amongst computer users and business owners that RAID servers don't fail. Unfortunately, that results in many people not backing up the data stored on their RAID server, which is often crucial data a business needs to operate.

That's why 24 Hour Data is always standing by to perform RAID data recovery on all popular makes and models of RAID arrays, including:

  • Cisco RAID Arrays
  • Lacie RAID Arrays
  • Dell RAID Arrays
  • Falconstor RAID Arrays
  • HP RAID Arrays
  • Lacie RAID Arrays... and more.

RAID Data Recovery: 6 Reasons You May Need 24 Hour Data

Here are six ways  your RAID array can fail:

- A RAID controller fails, resulting in catastrophic loss of data

- A systems administrator attempting to do a “hot swap” of a failed RAID drive rebuilds the array incorrectly, resulting in a partial rebuild and loss of data or complete system breakdown

- The RAID array suffers logical corruption from a virus

- Mission critical files or operating system files on the RAID array are accidentally deleted, resulting the need for emergency RAID data recovery services

- A power surge causes the RAID controller on your RAID array, or multiple hard disk drives in the array, to fail at the same time, requiring emergency RAID data recovery services to recover lost data from the RAID array, replace the drives and rebuild the array.

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