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As technology advances, do-it-yourself data recovery software improves in its capabilities. But hard disk drives, hybrid drives and solid state drives are also becoming more complex. At the same time, as hard drives increase in capacity, the amount and value of the data stored increases, too. The risks associated with attempting do-it-yourself data recovery may not be worth it. Would you want to risk losing your entire music or movie collecting, potentially thousands of dollars worth of media? Valuable family photos? Or mission critical work files that you brought home because you didn't finish your work at the office? 

When It's Safe to Use Data Recovery Software

If you accidentally delete files from a hard disk drive, it may be possible to recover the files yourself, if they haven't already been overwritten by other data. But once a file is overwritten, data recovery is more difficult, and home users should not attempt to recover lost data from a hard drive because this could erase the file forever. 

When It's Time to Call Data Recovery Specialists

If your files have been overwritten or your hard disk drive reformatted, you probably need professional data recovery services to safely recover the files without additional damage to the hard disk, which could make data recovery impossible.

Do-it-yourself data recovery software also cannot retrieve files from a physically damaged hard drive. If your hard drive is making clicking or whirring sounds, physical damage is imminent. Attempting data recovery yourself could permanently damage your hard disk, making data recovery more difficult and more expensive... if it the data can be retrieved at all. Power down your computer and call data recovery specialists with an industry-high success rate to recover your hard disk drive and transfer the files to a new drive for you. 

Already Damaged Your Hard Drive Trying DIY Data Recovery? 

You'd be surprised at the data our hard disk recovery specialists can retrieve from mechanically damaged hard disk drives. Even if you've rendered your files your files unreadable by attempting do-it-yourself data recovery, or you suspect your hard disk is damaged beyond help, give us a call.

24 Hour Data's data recovery specialists have a 99 percent success rate with hard disk data recovery, and are experts in physical recovery of lost data. If we try our best and still can't get your data back, there's no charge for our service. 

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We know it's stressful to face data loss and people may turn to do-it-yourself data recovery solutions to save time or money. But with 24 Hour's fast, affordable, round-the-clock service, there's no reason not to call us first, at any time of the day or night. 


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