Seagate Breaks the Barrier with 4 TB Hard Drive

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Hard disk drive manufacturer Seagate recently was the first in the industry to announce the introduction of a 4 TB capacity Hard Disk Drive (HDD.)

The move was not a complete surprise to those in the industry, since at the CE-Bit show this spring, Samsung showcased the technology that would make 4 TB hard drives possible, revealing a new 2 TB drive that fit 1TB of storage capacity on a single platter.

The demo was misrepresented by some technology bloggers as an actual 4 TB hard drive, a rumor that Samsung representatives quickly put to rest. Then, just about a month later, Seagate purchased Samsung's hard drive storage division in what the company's called, in a press release, a “broad strategic alignment.”

Introducing the GoFlex 4 TB

And now here it is: the world's first actual 4 TB HDD, released by Seagate. The GoFlex Desk external hard drive is a 3.5-inch eternal drive said to hold the digital equivalent of 2,000 high definition movies, making it perfect for home entertainment servers and back-up options.

The new HDD, with versions available for Windows or Mac, is available paired with USB 3.0, USB 2.0 or FireWire 800 interfaces.

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