Seagate Discontinues Green Hard Drive Line

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Seagate has been full of news this month. (Perhaps gearing up for CES 2012?) Just as the hard disk drive giant announced the introduction of 1TB platters in the newest 3TB Barracuda, the company also announced that it will stop production of Green hard drives.

According to the manufacturer, end users want “big capacities and big performance.” Low-power, high-efficiency desktop drives did not show the demand manufacturers expected. Meanwhile, OEM and channel partners want to reduce overhead and simplify inventory management with fewer products to choose from.

A new hybrid Barracuda line of hard drives from Seagate will replace the Barracuda XT line, and will employ the technology found in the Momentus XT notebook hybrid hard drive.

New Drives, New Technology

The new hybrid drives combine NAND flash memory with conventional HDD operation, keeping frequently accessed files in solid state storage for faster access speeds.

Additionally, the new drives will use Seagate's new OptiCache technology, which uses a dual-core microprocessor and DDR2 DRAM to improve performance by as much as 45 percent over previous generations.

Staying Up to Date with Seagate

As Seagate makes technological advances to bring consumers bigger and faster hard drives, 24 Hour Data makes it our business to stay on top of all the news so we can continue to provide our customers with the most up-to-date data recovery services for hard drives, solid state drives and hybrid disk drives.

Our recovery rate for all Seagate hard drives is the best in the industry, and we provide a free diagnostic within 24 hours of receiving your drive.

If your Seagate hard drive is having trouble reading data, making clicking noises or whirring sounds, or is showing the signs of hard drive failure, call us right away. 

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