Seagate Enters the Cloud with LaCie Acquisition

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Seagate, which remains in the top three of hard disk drive manufacturers, will get even bigger as it purchases storage company LaCie, with U.S. headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon. Seagate has agreed to purchase 65.4 percent of the publicly-held company's total shares, buying out chairman and CEO Philippe Spruch, and taking control of the company's future direction as the majority shareholder. 


LaCie's functional and aesthetically pleasing line of premium storage solutions, which includes NAS solutions, RAID drives, desktop hard drives, USB 3.0 drives and more do not overlap with most of the products in Seagate's line of well-known hard drives. Seagate intends to offer the LaCie brand as complementary products, according to an article at

As part of the acquisition, Seagate will take control of the company's Wuala cloud storage solution, as well, expanding its presence in the cloud storage space. This is particularly interesting considering this recent post on the Seagate blog, regarding the “big three” in cloud storage. notes that LaCie operations probably will not change for some time; Seagate may opt to maintain separate entities for both brands and operations, although Seagate parts will certainly make their way into LaCie drives.

As the industry continues to evolve, 24 Hour Data stays on the cutting edge of hard drive recovery for LaCie and Seagate brands of hard disk drives, as well as other popular brands. 

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