Seagate Shows Prototype RAID Hard Drive at CES 2011

Seagate Data Recovery

The Consumer Electronics Show held this January in Las Vegas revealed many exciting new products in the data storage industry. One of our favorites is the prototype Seagate RAID hard drive nicknamed the “Data Lunchbox.”

To call it a RAID array isn't entirely accurate. This portable storage solution includes two 7mm Seagate Momentus hard drives with 320 or 500 GB capacity in a single external USB 3.0 drive chassis and a RAID controller chip.

Set up in a RAID 0 configuration, the folks in the Seagate media center say the system hits 235 MB/s read and 228 MB/s write speeds. You can also use a RAID 1 configuration, sacrificing a bit of speed for data redundancy. In essence, you can achieve easy, portable data back-ups in one single system.

Targeted at the consumer and small business market, this storage solution could be a huge benefit to:

- Independent writers, photographers and other media types who need either greater storage capacity or quick and easy back-ups on the road

- CEOs, salespeople, marketing professionals and anyone in corporate management who travels a lot

- Small business owners and SMBs who travel

- Military who use personal computers overseas and are concerned about data security and back-up

Innovations in Data Storage Require Innovative Data Recovery

We're always excited to hear about advances like this at 24 Hour Data. Mostly because it gives us another challenge as we find new, better and faster ways to recover lost data from the new hard drives and RAID arrays of major manufacturers.

We are experts in data recovery for all types of Seagate hard drives and RAID arrays; you can trust us to recover the data from even the newest Seagate drive. 


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