Selecting the Right RAID Array Configuration for Your Dallas Small Business

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Are you upgrading your small business servers? Are you wondering what the right RAID array configuration may be for your data storage needs? 

RAID arrays are complicated pieces of machinery that combine several hard disk drives with a RAID controller to increase storage capacity, performance, or stability. Typically, you will sacrifice performance for better back-ups or redundancy, or you can get a RAID array that does not offer redundancy but performs faster than a single hard disk drive would. 

Most businesses want the balance between redundancy and performance, which you can find in some RAID configurations. 

Most Popular RAID Configurations

RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 are some of the more popular RAID configurations for small businesses.XXA RAID 0 array provides faster performance than some other RAID levels. It stripes data across two or more hard disk drives to increase storage capacity and performance, but it does not offer any redundancy. 

If you use a RAID 0 array, regular back-ups are crucial to protect your mission critical data. However, the boosts in performance might make choosing a RAID 0 array worthwhile for your business. 

A RAID 1 array is the most reliable of RAID levels, because the data is mirrored to two or more drives. 24 Hour Data recommends a RAID 1 array for all two-drive RAID configurations. 

A RAID 5 array spreads data across three or more drives, and uses a RAID controller to increase write speeds for better performance. With a blend of reliability and performance, it's no surprise RAID 5 arrays are the most popular for Dallas small businesses. 

A RAID 5 array is also more costly than RAID 0 or RAID 1, because it uses a minimum of three, rather than two, hard disk drives and a RAID controller. However, with the prices of hard disk storage at an all-time low, a RAID 5 array remains a smart investment for your business. 

Experts in RAID Data Recovery

Whatever RAID configuration you choose for your Dallas small business, 24 Hour Data's RAID recovery specialists are here if you face a data recovery emergency. 

We are experts in RAID data recovery for all major makes and models of RAID arrays, including Dell, Compaq, HP, Apple, Gateway, EMC, LaCie, Sun Microsystems and other popular brands.

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