Is An SSD Better?

Previously the domain of high-tech companies and the aerospace industry, SSD are now found in computers of Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small business owners and individuals. What are the benefits of an SSD hard drive?

- Since an SSD is all one piece (aside from the casing) it is less prone to mechanical failure. There are no physical parts that can scratch or wear out.

- An SSD is less susceptible to physical shock or extreme temperatures

- Has faster access times for data

- Faster boot-up times

- No parts to wear out

- Less power to operate/more energy efficient

- Can often retain memory after power loss

- Silent operation

- Lower latency

It may sound like there's absolutely no reason to select a conventional hard drive over an SSD. And for many people, this may be true. The two primary arguments against an SSD hard drive is the cost -- which is dropping -- and the fact that it is more difficult, in the event of a failure, to recover your own data from an SSD. It may be difficult, too, to find a company experienced in successful SSD data recovery. 24 Hour Data can solve this problem for you -- we recover data from SSD hard drives from every manufacturer with the highest success rates. If your SSD hard drive fails, which it may, you can count on us to successfully recover your lost data. 


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