Third Time's a Charm for Hard Drive Data Retrieval

Hard Drive Retrieval

What sort of back-up system do you have for your computer hard drive? There are several different answers people provide to this question. The answer often means the difference between having to pay for hard drive data retrieval, or simply plugging in your backup source and copying the files onto a new hard drive.

- “Back-up? What back-up?”

- “An external hard drive, but I haven't backed it up in a month.”

- “An external hard drive, but it was damaged in the [flood, fire, power surge], too.”

- “I had an external hard drive, but when my primary drive got full, I started using it to store data.”

- “I have a bunch of CDs and flash drives from a few months ago with some of my data -- somewhere.”

- “That's right! I have my external hard drive stored in the fire proof safe and it's backed up with everything from the past 24 hours!”

Three Forms of Back Up Makes Hard Drive Data Retrieval Easy

Computer experts recommend having at least three forms of backup for any data you consider significant. It's not the place of any expert to put a value judgment on anyone's data -- if it's important to you, it should be backed up in three different places. One of your forms of back-up storage media should be stored off-site, in a fireproof safe, to further decrease your risk of losing your data. Some people prefer online backup methods, that way they can retrieve their data from any computer, at any time.

Remember, even if you don't have back-ups of your data, the chances of successful hard drive data retrieval are good if you work with a professional data recovery service. At 24HourData, we have the highest success rate for hard drive data retrieval. But why take chances? 


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