Three Facts You Should Know About Surge Protectors and Data Recovery


Electric Surge


Surge protectors are one way to protect your sensitive electronic devices, including laptops, PCs, Macs, home media servers, mobile devices and more from damage caused by power surges. Power surges often occur during lightning storms, when power comes on following an outage, upon turning off or turning on electronic devices, or sometimes for no reason at all, when excess electricity “surges” through the power lines. 

Surge protectors also protect against everyday “interference” that can also affect your electronics' operaton. 

For a very low cost, you can protect devices from this type of damage, which can corrupt data and cause a need for emergency data recovery service. But before you select a surge protector for your home or your business, there are a few things you should know. 

1. The clamping voltage determines, in part, the quality of protection the surge suppressor offers. This is the amount of energy that will trigger the surge suppressor. Look for a suppressor with a clamping voltage of at least 330. 

2. Surge suppressors should be UL listed with a rating of UL 1449, the Underwriters Laboratories standard for surge suppressors. Multi-outlet devices that don't carry this rating are merely good to extend the number of outlets, and should not be used with today's sensitive electronics. 

3. The warranty on a surge protector only covers the value of the electronic devices connected to it, not the value of the data stored on those devices, or any other consequences of a device being damaged, such as lost productivity if an office server  fails. To select a surge protectors with the right warranty for your equipment, add up the replacement value of your equipment and make sure your surge protector will cover the replacement cost. 

Whether or not you use surge suppression technology (which you should!) you'll want to make sure you can call a reputable data recovery service, like 24 Hour Data, to recover lost or corrupt data caused by a power surge. Whether you're running an office or storing hours worth of movies and music on a home media server, the value of your data is often much, much higher than the price of data recovery, making hard disk, RAID server, SSD and smartphone data recovery well worth the cost. 


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