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Western Digital recently introduced the world's largest SATA internal hard drive, with 3TB of storage space. This is the first industry offering to show an actual benefit to consumers when it comes to AF hard drives and 4-kilobyte sector sizes.

The new drive is part of Western Digital's popular Caviar Green SATA hard drive line and uses 750GB platters and 4KB sectors for increased storage and enhanced performance. The drive is available in 2.5TB and 3TB sizes, and also boasts green benefits, including lower power consumption in idle mode. The Caviar line has been well-reviewed across the industry, showing real benefits in lower power consumption with little loss in speed that's sometimes seen in “green” drives.

 The new Caviar line, using Western Digital's GreenPower technology, also has lower operating temperatures, decreasing the risk of your hard drive overheating, which could result in loss of data and the need for hard drive data recovery services. The drive also has quiet operation making it the perfect choice for ultra-quiet PCs and laptops.

 Users should be aware that the new Western Digital Caviar Green with 2.5TB or 3TB of storage space is designed only for 64-bit systems. Users of Windows XP are out of luck, but the drive is supported by:

- Windows Vista

- Windows 7

- Mac OS X

 Linux users will need the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware to run the drive, according to this article in ComputerWorld.

 If you're ready for an AF hard drive with true performance benefits that will also reduce power consumption in your home or office, it may be time to splurge on “Caviar.”

 Storing that much data (close to 3TB) on one drive, though, means you have a lot more to lose in the event of HDD file corruption or a hard drive crash.

 Rest assured, if anything should happen to your new Western Digital AF hard drive, 24 Hour Data has data recovery experts on staff well-trained and experienced in Western Digital hard drive data recovery. We are on the cutting edge of the latest data recovery techniques for AF hard drives from Western Digital and other major manufacturers.



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